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Customer Service Support Case Management System (Ticket system)
Why, what and how
  how to order with Powerdynamo - and how please not
  How long does it take to get the delivery?
  Spareparts for Powerdynamo Systems
  Options with Powerdynamo Systems
  procedure for new systems, not offered yet
  conditions for implementing special wishes
  Export shipments with DHL - things to be aware of
  possible problems with advance payment by bank transfer
  possible import fees if outside EU
  no tax refund for private exports of goods first delivered by us to a German address
  local delivery problems
  export to Russia practically impossible 
  export to Brazil and to Chile no longer possible
  Information on sending us sample parts from outside the European Union
  customers asking for parts to be send to different address (drop shipping)
  model years, a big problem

Please note

When returning to us material considered by you to be defective, please imperatively tell us in some detail what the problem is. What does not function? How did this manifest? Did it happen right from assembly on or later after some time of run? Sentences such as "does not work" are absolutely useless! Experience shows that most returned materials are perfectly OK. You can save time and effort for yourself and us by contacting us before you send something back. Often the problem can be solved by communication, but surely not with sentences like "does not work". 

When communicationg as a fitment problem
with some newly delivered system please see what we need to know other than the 3 words "does not fit"

general legal matters conditions of sale for private customers and for reseller businesses
  street licensing laws to observe
  Warranty, what and how
  modifications to Powerdynamo material ?
  rights on pictures

general technical matters PLEASE READ THIS FIRST
  What can/may i measure on the material ?
  Consider that parameters other than ignition could well be a possible cause of the problems.
  How to test spark und how not to
  Contrary to popular belief, checking the regulator when you have ignition trouble is futile! Which parts do matter, see here
  Bad spark plugs on the market
  all systems looking same, but still quite different. Or, some offers might not be what they say
  driving without battery
  AC or DC - what are the Pros and Cons
  turns clockwise, anticlockwise ?
  electronic tachometer
  wire colours 
  6 or 12Volts, what shall i take?
  large cc singles and kickbacks
  what spark plugs and caps to use
  wasted sparks (spark with piston at bottom or in exhaust cycle) 

wiring matters PD Systems are replacement systems, not copies of stock systems, hence they look and assemble different!
  integration and basic wiring of the Powerdynamo systems
  the cut out function of the relay in many Powerdynamo systems
  the function of the blue switch off wire
  fuses 15A or 16A, what is correct?
  making use of the push start position of the main switch for cut off
  Battery charge indicator wire on regulator 95 22 699 06
  non fitting rubber grommet on stator wire / wires to long or to short
  integration mixed voltage systems (having both AC and DC)
  Conversion of Powerdynamo Magnetos to battery ignition to resolve starting problems

ignition matters PLEASE READ THIS FIRST
  see also ignition coil matters, stator matters, advance matters
  How to test spark und how not to
  no spark
  ignition problems due to bad connection between high tension cable and ignition coil/spark plug cap
  Timing marks and positions 
  I see only a weak spark!
  irregular (erratic) sparking on systems with advance unit 7295
  engine stops or runs irregular when hot
  engine can not be restartet when hot

I get only sparks on one cylinder on my twin-coil-system

  i get only 1 spark (inner sensor)
  2 stroke timing with PD rotor as timing disc
  bad starting in JAWA systems / rotor to high
  trouble shooting on Powerdynamo Magdyno
  the function of the blue wire
  the function of the relay
  sensor <> rotor position in external trigger systems important for correct operation
  ignition problems in battery ignitions for MZ ETZ and JAWA 638
  ignition problems on Powerdynamo triple systems (problem to get revs higher than 5-6.000)
  Conversion of Powerdynamo Magnetos to battery ignition to resolve starting problems
  engine revs though throttle has been closed or engine can not be stopped

ignition advance matters Position of advance markings under stroboscopic test
Kickbacks during engine start in 4 stroke systems
Advance unit, what is this, what is it for and why so expensive?
What is and how do i use a Stroboscop.
  my stroboscope shows ignition always on same spot, whatever position i place the rotor on
  I have a centrifugal govenor on my 2 stroke, PD now have fixed advace. How and why?
  My stock manual gives a different ignition setting that the Powerdynamo instructions
  How to check advance units (external sensor only)
  advance units made to customer specifications
  timing markings in strange places ?
  timing markings differ in location to documentation (pictures)
  advance characteristics in 2 stroke PD systems

lighting and see also regulator matters
battery matters how to check DC regulator output voltage
  what battery can i / shall I use with Powerdynamo systems?
  ignition trouble when lighting/side indicators are switched on
  may i connect a battery charger whilst the battery is connected to the PD system?
  what bulbs shall i use? are there sets available?
  I have no or only bad lights!
  side indicator (flasher) problems
  bad lights or no lights as result of wires pinched under stator
  engine runs, lights are there, but Voltmeter reads to little, voltage even drops when i accelerate
  60/65W Halogen Headlight is often too much
  bad batteries on the market
  i have problems with flashers (side indicators, turn lights)
  battery boils or is empty
  battery is drained when bike is not used for some time
  fuse keeps burning
  what use of a smoothing condenser
  optional stator without lighting coils
  optional stator with only minimal lighting coil (6V/18W)
  safety wiring for taillight in 788 systems (6v/18w)

stator matters damage to stator
  Wrong turning direction?
  meter values of statorcoils
  frequent mistake in placing 2-tier stator base onto engine
  non fitting rubber grommet on stator wire

rotor matters Rotor slipping on shaft
rotor does not fit?
  how do i hold the flywheel ruring assy/disassy?
  Missing keyway in Powerdynamo rotor
  what torque to use for Powerdynamo rotor
  different rotor weights, which ones are better?
  are rotor with open magnets a problem? 
  Timing on 2 stroke systems without keyway
  Rotornose and Sensor not on one level
  Scratching sounds in rotor with plastified magnets
  What to observe when modifying a rotor?
  Flywheel pullers for Powerdynamo systems
  Rotor with 2 or even 3 missing magnets?
  Rotor marking on rotor 112m (type A68R) not well visible or missing
  How to pack a rotor for shipment by parcel to prevent rotor damage.
  various rotor markings - how to read them
  differing instructions of setting 4stroke external trigger rotor in TDC (41 or 37mm)

ignition coil matters How to check resistance of the ensemble ignition coil - spark plug
  percularities of twin coil
  2 single coils in place of one twin coil?
  I get only sparks on one cylinder on my twin-coil-system
  the function of the blue wire

regulator matters which DC regulator shall i take?
  how to check DC regulator output voltage
  DC regulator not working? how can i check?
  I get 16 Volts (in an 12V system) / 8V ini 6V
  I get less than 12V on the meter when i check
  Battery charge indicator function does not work?
  AC or DC - what are the Pros and Cons
  AC regulator not working? how can i check?
  AC regulator, fuse blows when lights are switched off
  problems with charge control when using LED 
  may i use the 6V dynamo regulator R81 in my bike?

advance unit and converter matters how to check converter 7051

condenser matters use of smoothing condenser

third party materials mixing with third party ignition or addon gadgets
use of Ignitech or Zeeltronics with PD Systems for Yamaha RD
problems with use of LED lighting
connecting navigation devices (GPS) and/or batterychargers for mobile phones
  use of stock electronic tachometers
problems with Kellermann LED with integrated tail/stoplight
  problems between PD system and MMB step engine speedometers

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