Powerdynamo, problems between PD system and MMB speedometer with stepper motor

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We had various customers who had fitted an MMB speedometer with step motor to a bike that is equipped with a Powerdynamo System.

Those customers reported that the speedometer worked fine as long as ignition was off. With engine running the speedometer needle jumped back and forth.

Solution was as follows:

1.  A medium size battery - say 3.4 amp
2.  A capacitor
3.  Most important - The use of suppressed ignition caps - 5 k. Ohm
4.  Use a "Hall Sensor" - and NOT a "Reed Sensor"
NOTE: We give this information as handed to us from customers. It might well be that this solution does not work with other customers. 

Our general line, as indicated in all our instructions is that our systems are NOT tested for use with other electronic devices (such as GPS, mobile phones, 3rd party ignitions, etc.) and may cause damage to such parts

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