Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your vintage motorcycle


Powerdynamo GmbH crafts bolt on (replacement) dynamo and/or ignition systems for vintage and classic motorcycles made completely of new and modern materials.

Our principles

Modern technology for strong lights and high performance spark (solid state).

No or only minimal mechanical changes on engine and no stock parts needed.

New parts as little as possible visible. Optics kept as near as possible to the original.

Reasonable price achieved by using modular electronic components and keeping overhead cost down


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parts to complement

puller tools, bulbs, switches horns etc to fit your classic motorcycle

Our material ist expressly offered to  replace stock dynamo/ignition systems in vintage and classic motorcycles whose engine  characteristics have not been tempered with.  And same, the Powerdynamo material will not change the engine characteristics of those motorcycles. Using our systems will not result in significantly higher engine output. It is not tunig material. As a result, using the material should not infringe your road licensing regulations. In a few 50cc engines the stock ignition has a revolution limiter build in to stick to speed limits. Those are bypassed when replacing the stock system with Powerdynamo. In the cases concerned we expressly mention this circumstance.

What we offer are replacement systems, not exact copies of stock systems. The material therefore looks different and some parts, notably ignition coils and regulators fasten differently. More Information here

Further, our material is not destined for use in competition events, unless the material is specifically marked as for racing or sports in our weboffer. Any improper use will void the warranty.

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What we do not offer is reconditioning and original ignition spares