Powerdynamo, PD systems are replacement systems, not copies of originals

Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light
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Powerdynamo Systems are replacement systems, not excact copies of stock systems

This means that 
  • You can not use our parts in mix with parts from stock system. Our stator will not (mechanically and electrically not) fit your stock rotor or vise versa. and, as we often get asked this, you can not use your own ignition coils on our systems as our coils contain electronics (see here)

    what we offer are complete replacements which only work as a whole system
  • parts will surely look different to what you had originally, Fastening of external parts, such as regulator and ignition coil might well be a little different. 
  • rotor may have different weight (often it is lighter)
  • Wiring will have to be adapted. Cables might be too long or too short
  • possibly in stock arrangement existing rubber grommets might be missing or different

    What we try to achieve is that you do not need to modify your engine casing (there are a few systems where small changes are needed, we indicate this clearly in our instructions. Rule is no changes). But for the rest you will need to be open for compromise.
  • and it also might be in some cases, notably on engines made in the 90s, that the replacement system does not offer maximal engine performance. In any case however it should work reasonable well.

    If you really want to have parts exactly as the stock ones, you will have to ask the original manufacturer.

For instance the fastening holes of our replacement ignition coil might have a different pattern than the stock coil had. In the 2 pictures below (RH side our coil, LH side a stock motoplat) you can see what we mean here.

So, you might have to find some way to circumvent a possible fastening problem. 99.9% of our customers do so and have no problem with this. A few customers however strongly object to getting material not of absolutely same fit as stock one. Here we feel sorry and we can only recommend those customers to look for supplies from the stock manufacturer.

Would we fine tune every piece to have the exact dimensions the stock material had, the whole thing would become not managable and much too  expensive.  And, we unfortunately in only rare cases have complete stock material at hand to base our developments on.


stock Motoplat coil Powerdynamo replacement (example)