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Powerdynamo - not for competition purposes? Why not  ?

Our material ist expressly offered to  replace stock dynamo/ignition systems in vintage and classic motorcycles whos engine characteristics have not been tempered with and which are not used in competion events unless the material is specifically made and described as for racing or sports 
Any improper use will void the warranty.

  Competition events mean special challenges to the (engine and)  ignition material.
# In offroad areas there usually is some hefty soiling of the engine and as a result bad cooling, leading to overheating. Even worse, when the motorcycle suddenly crosses watery surfaces, this change from hot to sudden cold is a real shock to the material (possibly leading  to sheding of magnets)
# In Trail we often have the situation that the motorcycle is at or near standstill (and hence without proper airflow cooling) while full engine power is damanded. Again heat problems are the result.
# In street racing very often extreme revs are wanted leading the material to the edge or over its limit.
# Our experience further shows that most of the above mentioned applications go hand in hand with some engine tuning.
# We quite often get stock material to our attention. And we can see that nearly all the material used in competition events is badly damaged due to heat and dirt.

Use in competition demands either
  • special material, made for competition and having qualities beyond our standard material
  • or the customer accepts that standard material placed in competition bikes may not last for a long time. This however conflicts with customers statuary rights of a 2 years warranty.

    For those reasons, and in the interest of keeping prices fair to the majority of our customers,  we now stop to offer our material for competion use (unless specially made and marked for sports purposes