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Technical Help



  Note: we are working to full capacity at the moment and can not take requests for new developments or special adaptations 

Wanting us to make something not yet offered?
Here are some commercial and technical aspects and questions to be answered first:

We can do a lot, but we can not square the circle and whatever we can do will carry a price tag. We try to keep prices low, but we can not work for nothing. We are not a charity or club, but a business which has to pay wages, rent, energy, internet, taxes etc.

The effort of creating new systems is quite substantial, reaserch, drawings, mechanical work, internal and customer documentation, all this needs effort and time from us.

The price for something new (that is something not offered yet by us on a regular basis) will be based on what we charge for systems similar in material and mechanical effort. 

Faced with the variety of engines existing, which we can never all know in detail, we need your active help
There are firstly data on the stock system and engine (see below).
It is always good, sometimes imperative that we get from you temporarilly the stock material to take dimensions. You get the material back unaltered. Before you take the stock material from the engine, you will have to collect a few dimensions there (see below). 
IMPORTANT: should you send us sample material from outside the European Union, please observe our information on this

After we send you some prototype material we made to replace your system, we will need

  • confirmation from you that the material physically fits, of if not or not really, what needs to be changed
  • pictures of the engine, system side, with the fitted new material (picture of the installed base plate and picture of the installed flywheel)
  • description of possibly made changes and other observations gleaned during checking for fitment

Unfortunately getting such data back has prooved to be a problem. Customers are happy that the engine runs again and we maximally hear "thank you, all ok". This however is not enough for us beeing able to offer the system generally. After all, we have invested a lot of work and the price we charge you for this is made assuming further sales of the system.
For some time we tried to get round this problem by charging some sort of development fee which customers got back after sending us the wanted data. Results have however been mixed. 
We therefore have now changed horse by sending only incomplete material, needed for checking physical fitment (basically only adapter, rotor und fitment material, not however electronic components). Those parts we will only send after feedback as wanted (and sure, we bill you only at this time).

How long will it take till you get your new system?
Though in mechanically difficult cases this may depend a little on materials available, it should normally be done within a month (holiday season bared).

What about warranty and the right to return (distance sale)?
Your statuary rights are not effected. The matter will be treated as if you order something from our existing range.


Please check what type of system you have and than click on the respective choice to get more information.

flywheel magneto 
(external rotor)

dynamo unit


identifiable by a magnetic drum, that turns outside around the coils

identifiable by the existance of carbons

identifiable as it is a separate device mounted externally at (or on) the engine

also it can be 
that there is flywheel running inside the stator perimeter (internal rotor)

Occasionally the ignition parts are mounted at other places (e.g. cylinder head).

There might be 2 devices - one for ignition and the other for power generation.

identifiable at a magnetic drum, that turns inside the coils

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