Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your vintage motorcycle



Technical Help



For projecting and manufacturing a new ignition/lighting unit, to replace an 
external flywheel magneto (e.g. Bosch, Motoplat, SEM or Kokosan),
 we need to know the following:
(You will find additional information via the links in the text below)

What kind of motorcycle?
  • make (please photo of type plate)
  • year of manufacture
  • engine number
  • 2- or 4-stroke, number of cylinders
  • displacement (cc) and compression ratio
  • electric starter? where does this starter
  • has the engine been modifeied after market 
It's important to know, what you need:
  • ignition and light  (for very old and/or small bikes see also our 6V/18W material)
  • ignition only
  • lights only
To better understand what has to be done and to make you a detailed offer we will need a few photos:
data for the original lighting/ignition system
  • inscriptions on the rotor
  • diameter, height and weight of the rotor
  • diameter of stator plate (the plate that carries the coils)
  • how many fastening screws and what size for the stator plate
  • are there any added functions to the stock ignition
    (throttling in speed, rev limiter, powervalve etc)
  • is anything screwed to the flywheel (rotor), such as sprocket, fan, pulley, tachodrive etc)
  • in what direction does the rotor turn, clockwise or anticlockwise
  • very important: what is the distance between rotor and base plate as per sketch here
  • Are there some references in the user's manual?
  • originally 6 or 12V? alternating or direct current or mixed voltage?
  • has there been a battery?
  • Horn is for direct current or alternating current? If alternating, can this be sensibly replaced by a modern DC one?
  • legible copy of the original wire diagram
A few points tend to be easily forgotten and than cause trouble. So we need to know
Once we have got all this information (maybe after a few additional questions)
  • we will make you a detailed offer
If you accept this offer, we will need your stock (original) generator/ignition system 


  • to take dimensions (We will not temper with it in any way, you get it back as it was)
  • please also add the fastening elements, such as fastening screws for base plate and nut or screw for rotor
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