Powerdynamo, integration of PD System into mixed AC/DC grids

Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light
to your vintage motorcycle



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For general integration information  see KB entry integration
A simple typical stock grid containing both AC and DC voltage would look something like this.
click image to considerably enlarge
You will notice 2 small blue things (here and mostly in the headlamp housing). A choke coil (Drosselspule), some kind of simple regulator to prevent bulb blowing and a rectifier (Gleichrichter) converting SOME of the AC voltage to DC for battery load. The bulk of the AC is used to feed the headlight bulb.

When we look at the detail of the wiring in the headlamp housing: (again clicking on picture enlarges) we see - here green - the arriving AC (in the main switch distributed to lights) being diverted via the choke coil to the rectifier. The same converts the AC into DC which is fed via the here red wire and through the fuse (yellow) to a terminal to which the battery and other DC consumers are connected (red wire exiting into black).

What you will have to do with the conversion to the new DC Powerdynamo system is to disconnect choke coil and rectifier (in most cases badly burnt anyway) and to bridge AC and DC.
You from now on have only DC in the system. Something in old times the engineers could not effort due to the lack of decent semiconductors. They had to go the mixed voltage way.

Though later mixed voltage systems have been a little more comples, the basic principle is same. You have to bridge the former AC and the former DC system.