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IMPORTANT: Information on what to observe when sending  parts to us from outside the European Union

  please do read and respect the following. If this goes wrong it may be possible that the material you send us can not be claimed from customs by us and therefore be destroyed.

You might know that Germany is a country with many regulations. With some of them one might have difficulty in accepting that they fit into our real world, but regulations have to be observed and respected. This unfortunately involves some read tape for you.
  1. please always inform us by mail before you send something. We get from customs mostly only notice "a parcel from xxx country is here to collect" and they expect us to show up with completed import papers (how can we do that when we have no idea from whom the parcel is and what is inside. Opening the parcel we are not allowed there)
  2. always ship the parts with some paperwork afixed outside and placed inside (see below for details)
  3. also, please - in case of sending stock parts as samples - write with some marker pen onto them "sample"
If there is not sufficiant paperwork  with the parcel (both inside AND outside) chances are high that customs will return undelivered to the sender (who possibly will have to pay for the return to his country again). We had even a case where the parcel had been officially destroyed due to lack of paperwork. Customs keep the parcel 7 days, than they return to postal service to be send back.

if you return parts to us deemed defective or wrongly delivered if you send us sample material so that we can make you a new replacement system
please make 2 copies of our invoice with which the material arrived at your end and write onto it

"return for warranty" or "return as wrongly delivered" (whichever is the case). If you return only some parts and not the complete delivery please also mention this.

# place one copy inside the parcel and 
# one copy please afix outside the parcel in 
    some envelope onto which you please 
    write "Invoice inside"
# copy us this information by mail before you send it
German customs demand here a proforma invoice. For your convenience we have prepared a suitable Proforma Invoice as a PDF for download 

Please print this in 2 copies and fill in your address details, the value of the parts (which, as they are in most cases defective old parts might be 20 USD worth. Shipping cost might be 30 USD, together a parcel value of 50 USD). 

- place one copy inside the parcel 
- the other copy affix at the outside so that one can recognise this is a Profoma invoice
- and copy us by mail also this paper

We are very sorry for the red tape involved.
We copy below the respective correspondence we got from our customs office on this matter (English translating by us, German text as original)

Reference; documents to be presented when importing goods for free use

As per article 218 ZK-DVO there needs to be an invoice with the goods. This is the paper which forms the basis for declaring the goods. Should the goods have no commercial value (e.g. as they are not destined for further sale) or is this some gift or similar, a so called "Proforma Invoice " has to be presented that indicates the effective value of the goods.

E-mail communication is not suitable for this. It can be expected that also private persons deliver the needed data on some piece of paper headed "Proforma Invoice".  You find this Information at www.zoll.de>Fachthemen>Zölle>Zollanmeldung>Unterlagen für die schriftliche Zollanmeldung>Notwendige Unterlagen

If this Proforma Invoice is - as it is international standard - afixed in some envelope outside the parcel, customs clearance might be done already by German Post AG and the parcel may be delivered to the recipient directly, saving him from going to customs office.

Betreff: Unterlagen, die einer Zollanmeldung zur Überführung in den freien Verkehr vorzulegen sind

der Zollanmeldung zur Überführung in den zollrechtlich freien Verkehr ist nach Art. 218 ZK-DVO unter anderem eine Handelsrechnung beizufügen. Diese stellt das Papier dar, auf dessen Grundlage der Zollwert der Waren angemeldet wird.  Haben die Waren keinen Handelswert (z.B. Güter, die nicht für den Weiterverkauf bestimmt sind) oder handelt es sich bei dem Geschäft um eine Schenkung oder dergleichen, ist eine sogenannte "Pro-forma-Rechnung" vorzulegen, aus der der tatsächliche Wert der Ware hervorgeht. 

Eine E-Mail-Kommunikation ist dafür nicht geeignet. Auch von einer Privatperson kann erwartet werden, die erforderlichen Angaben (Adressen, Ware, Wert) auf ein Stück Papier, welches die Überschrift "Proforma-Rechnung" oder "Proforma-Invoice" trägt, zu bringen. 
Nachzulesen ist dies unter www.zoll.de>Fachthemen>Zölle>Zollanmeldung>Unterlagen für die schriftliche Zollanmeldung>Notwendige Unterlagen, die der Zollanmeldung beizufügen sind.

Wenn diese Proforma-Rechnung - wie i.d.R. international üblich - in einer Versandtasche außen am Paket befestigt wird, kann die Zollabfertigung bereits durch die Deutsche Post AG durchgeführt und das Paket gleich an den Empfänger ausgeliefert werden. Damit wird Ihnen der Gang zu Ihrer Zollstelle erspart.

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