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Technical Help



Since the new 103mm rotor with cast in  (plastified) magnets have been introduced, we get worried correspondence from attentive customers who notice certain scratching sounds when turning the installed rotor. 

We want to start with saying that this new generation of rotor increases operating reliability considerably. The danger of rotor and stator material being destroyed as a result of magnets getting loose (for whatever reason)  is now practically nil.

Unfortunately this plastification acts as a sound drum, amplifying sound. You may check that by gliding your fingers over the inside wall of the rotor. It will make sounds like dry paper.

As the gap between the stator coil and the plastic surface is now only 0.3mm, every small particle of dirt leads to contact between the 2 surfaces, possible leaving tiny scratches, more often however polishing marks (see below)  on the plastic.

Both, the acoustic effects and the polished areas do not have however any detrimental effect on operating reliability and safety and may be ignored.

BUT, please still pay attention as you should not ignore severe problems resulting from sloped stator positions (pinched wires under plate or plate of oversized OD) or alien metal objects attracted by the magnets, which would certainly lead to destruction.

So, please always check, but get not worried over the mentioned slight scratching.

polishing marks on inner side of rotor are no problem, as long as there are not real deep scratches