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we are sorry to inform that we will NOT ship any more to South America  (Chile, Argentinia, Brazil Chile, Equador, Columbia, Venezuela, Parquay, Uruquay)

Shipping to those countries unfortunately is extremely problematic because of very severe import and tax regulations there

The customers tax number has to be printed outside on the parcel and customer has to pay quite some money on handling fees and import tax.

In one case a Brazilian customer was asked to pay for a parcel worth 389 euros fees and taxes over 423 USD. More than 100% of the value of the goods. Sure the customer refused and UPS asked us to pay this sum on his behalf. As we also refused and asked for the parcel to be returned to us at our cost we were informed that the only alternatives are to pay or have the parcel destroyed. We agreed to have it destroyed...

Now again, a parcel destined to Argentina was refused by UPS because of missing tax number.
We are very sorry for this situation, but we do not have the time and nerve to play bureaucratic games with the local fiscal administrations in those countries.

If that is a consolation to the customers concerned, same situation exists with Russia.

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