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Technical Help



We increasingly get  requests and error reports relative to the use of LED equipment in motorcycles with Powerdynamo systems.

We therefore give the following advice:

First there is the question whether the use of LED lighting is not in conflict with legal stipulations. In Germany that would be §49a STVZO, Lichttechnische Einrichtungen, allgemeine Grundsätze.

There is however no general answer to this. You should check what the product description of your LED says on this.

But this is not our main theme here. For us are important thing are possible interactions between such equipment and our systems.

We generally discourage customers to use LED lighting in motorcycles which have Powerdynamo generator systems. We can not exclude that there can be harm to the LED and that that the LED will not create probleme for the function of our systems.
  • we had already cases where (expensive) Kellermann LED had been damaged, possibly by proximity of wires from our ignition system. 
  • LED are sensitive to voltage peaks. Those can not be excluded in a motorcycle system, notably not if there is no battery. Destruction of LED can not be excluded. We refer to the statement in all our instructions that "Our systems are NOT tested for use with third party electronic devices and may cause damage to such parts"
  • we also get increasingly customers who connected LED as a charge control bulb to our Regulator 95 22 699 06  and 80 50 588 03  and who reported irregularities (charge control either did not shine or did not stop shining). It may be that charge control works with some LED (there are so many different makes on the market), but we can not give any advice of this - other than saying dont, you are likely to experience problems.

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