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Version 01.04.2016

Electronic replacement regulator for stock 6 Volt motorcycle dynamos voltage regulated, for negative ground only
Part number 80 50 588 03  
do not use together with LED control bulbs

will this work in my XYZ bike?
Caution: there are regulator on the market which are copies of this part and possibly made in China with the same name code R81. Those are NOT Vape/Powerdynamo parts. You can tell that by the missing logos.
Main issue in the use of this regulator is the need to disactivate the regulating resistor. (see Info here
nearly all problems encountered with this parts, such as overvoltage or no voltage at all are a rsult of the resistor not removed.

LED charge indicator lights will not work in every case with this regulator. also it can be that they disturb regulation.
Designated use Replacement regulator for 6 Volts motorcycle dynamos with 
- negative ground (use on positive ground will destroy the part!)
- at least 4 field coils (winding packets inside dynamo housing)
- minimal resistance of field 2.5 Ohm 
- maximal 16A output (~100Watts)

- will deliver 7.0 to 7.2V regulated DC
- may be used for positive or negative excited fields 
  positive excited field does NOT mean positive ground! this would destroy the part!
- needs battery in system, will not work without battery

- you need to eliminate stock resistor for field excitement (simplest cut wire)
  this is sometimes tricky as it might be difficult to find that resistor
  not seeing such a resistor does not mean there is none (or no longer!)
- operating environment -20 to +80 °C (-4 to +176 °F)
Even the best regulator can not regulate what is not coming. Please consider that the problem might be a dead dynamo! You can not use this regulator without battery!
Terminals 4 push terminals 6.3mm labeled

DF+, D+/61, 51 und  DF- 

as well as one ground terminal.

DF- is the DF terminal for use with fields connected to minus carbon (negative excitement)
DF+ is the DF terminal for use with field connected to the plus carbon (positive excitement)

Dimensions 90x40x30 (with pins) see Dimensions here
General Installation information
Take the stock regulator off, Make a not of the stock wiring.
Mount the regulator to the bike. Fix it seczurely, not only loosely as any uncontroled movement might trigger shortcircuits! It may have, but need not have ground contact on its casing, as there is a ground wire to be affixed there anyway.

Pin DF- is use for negative excited fields, Pin DF+ is use for positive excited field. If pins DF- and DF+ are confused, the unit will NOT be destroyed, but the system will not deliver current.
DF- and DF+ shall however never be connected. This will destroy the part! As it will be destroyed when used on positive ground systems or with accidentially reversed battery (even if very briefly)

For a flawless function of the regulator you need to disconnect the regulating resistor of the generator and you need to have a working 6V battery in the system

known applications you find a List of known applications on the Powerdynamo website 

wiring for 
negative excitement

wiring for positive exitement

list of approved applications and wiring information for Powerdynamo regulator 80 50 588 03   

The resistor has to be removed or disconected (see info below)

All other use is not designated use and therefore not covered by warranty.

Motorcycle type DF connection Info on resistor
Adler DF minus disconnect wire
DKW RT Models DF minus is inside stock regulator and gets removed with this part automatically
EMW R35 DF plus disconnect wire 
IWL Pitty and SR56 Wiesel DF plus disconnect wire or remove part
IWL SR59 Berlin and Troll 1 DF minus disconnect wire or remove part
IFA/MZ RT /1/2 DF plus disconnect wire or remove part
IFA/MZ BK 350 DF plus disconnect wire or remove part
MZ (all later 6V 2-strokes) DF minus disconnect wire or remove part
2-stroke JAWA from type 360/590 (Panelka) onwards with negative ground DF plus is inside stock regulator and gets removed with this part automatically
Motorcycles with stock Noris MLZ
e.g. Puch with Dynamo, Horex, Zündapp, ILO,
DF minus is a piece of wire of ca 6 Ohm on the field winding. has to be disconnected at pin DF.
see wiredia (red encircled)
Dnepr/Ural/M72   6 Volt 
with regulator PP302, wiring dia here
(negative ground !)
DF Plus resistor is inside stock regulator and gets removed with it.
the stock terminal Я corresponds to D+, Ш is  DF + and 
B is 51 (Battery)