Powerdynamo, BEWARE: copies made in Far East on the market

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CAUTION  there are made in Far East copies of our ignition systems (notably for MZ) on the market. Material looks very close to our material (produced by VAPE), even partly carry the same numbering, but in fact asre NOT same!
Watch out especially when buying online. Check whether your vendor offers the systems as Powerdynamo Products. Should this reference to Powerdynamo as the source of the material be missing, should there not be any name or some fancy name than nit is not Powerdynamo.

We stress we  can not be held responsible for copy material in any way. We will not offer any service (including answering technical requests) and sure, there can not be any warranty from our side. Same is also true for cases where those materials are mixed with genuine parts from us. Such applications void warranty on our products
Should you have bought material found to be a copy but offered under the Powerdynamo label and you can reliably proof that it was offered under the VAPE or Powerdynamo label, we will exchange this against the original. 

Some vendors mix copies with offers of the genuine material, hiding this trick by not quoting any source. This surely leads to a situation where a customer can not easily see e what he is buying.

Powerdynamo materials have been marked for some time already with both the registered VAPE and Powerdynamo trade marks and since recently also the E8 certificate marking.

Dynamo- and ignition systems for motorcycles are parts which in development demand experience. This experience is absolutely given with the manufacturer VAPE. One can not easily copy experience. Even though the parts may look same, possibly even have same type mark, they are, including  in terms of performance and reliability surely not same. 

How can you tell the copy from the original?
the following pictures my be enlarged by clicking onto them

Powerdynamo Products have been marketed for some time with both the VAPE and the Powerdynamo Logo. 

Products looking like Powerdynamo products but without Vape and Powerdynamo markings, probably showing marking CIE, AKA or Ost2rad  copies - even if type marking is same.

starting production run sept 2014 the parts also have the E8-10R certificate sign The above regulator has the name R81, but does not have the Vape/PD Logos and ist also not a VAPE product but a far east copy

This regulator also in our tests did give 17V and does not support use without battery.
the above ighnition coil does not have the white ground wire as the original and also not the VAPE/PD labeling

We regret that, as a consequence of this development, we will have to be even more strict when demanding proof of purchase from a customer when responding to service requests.
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