Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your vintage motorcycle



Technical Help



Customers report: i have only dimm lights or lights vanish after some time
Powerdynamo lights are actually very good, though Powerdynami is not a nuclear power unit to drive H4 and heat grips on end

Should you experience problems than it would be some idea to check whether you have pinched a wire between stator coil and base plate (mostly near the screws) but also completely below the adapter and the engine block and barely visible

This may happen very easily if you do not pay enough attention during assembly.

We write in our instructions:

Make double sure not to pinch any wires underneath. At the end, the coil will sort of snap in sharply, even with some noticeable click. If it sits down rather softly, you can bet there is a wire underneath. Take care that the coil sits evenly on the base plate, otherwise the unit will be damaged or at least it causes malfunctions.

Disregarding this may result in what is shown in the picture top left.

bottom left a picture of a wire caught between adapter plate and engine block. Impression is small but under pressure and with heated engine (making insulation retreat) enough for shortcircuit

Insulation is damaged, a short circuit develops from wire to plate. The energy burnt there than surely is missing for lighting and it may also damage the coil or even destroy it. Sometimes the short circuit only develops when engine is hot and the damaged plastic insulation weakens even further under the heat.

Also, as a result, it may happen that the coil will not sit even and may conflict with the rotor magnets, causing further damage.

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