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Technical Help



From time to time customers having installed Powerdynamo systems with external sensor report:

Engine is difficult to start and does not run in low revs.

The observant customer adds:
Trigger nose (elevation on rotor circumference) is out of line with sensor (to high or to low respective to sensor).

Pictures may be enlarged by clicking onto them


If sensor is to much outside rotornose level there will be only one spark at start and than nothing any more

IF, as in photo abovem sensor is partly covered you get spark, but with difficulty and only in higher revs.

If sensor sits to low than there is often a simple remedy.

We offer a distance plate with 2mm thickness which pushes the sensor up. if needed 2 may be used doubledeck Article 70 00 300 00 an.

Using such plates requires also longer fastening screws.

The case where a sensor sits too high is not really thinkable as in such cases the rotor would bottom out against the base plate. This wound indicate in any case a major problem which would have to be dealt with by a different rotor.