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We often get material considered by the customer as faulty back for checking which has experienced rather substantial and irresponsible changes, notably with wiring. 

In the shown case there is still some length of wire left. We also get parts totally castrated.
when you look at our  terms of trade you will find:
7.4. A warranty cannot be underwritten for defects caused by improper installation ... Modifications on the material for whatever reason and in whichever way require advance written consultation with Powerdynamo. Violation of instructions or non-agreed modification of the material will void warranty. 
3.c. (refering to Right of cancellation under the distance sales provisions)
Should the returned goods show a substantial deterioration (such as dirt, damage, damaged documentation, incomplete return) we reserve the right to ask for compensation. We might further ask for compensation of the value of  the de facto lease in the time till return.

  • Should a customer think that the material delivered to him is faulty or wrong, he should get in touch with his seller to claim this case there. Under no circumstances should he try to rectify or modify the material without prior consultation with and consent from Powerdynamo.
  • parts delivered shall not be modified by the customer. We expressly prohibit removal of the holder lugs from advance units 
  • not permitted are changes on cables and plugs. We again and again get material back where cables have been dismembered, fitted with different plugs and terminals (often of unsuitable kinds) or have been soldered on (soldering without disconnecting the soldering iron from mains may destroy electronics). In a good many cases the reported malfunction was caused by such changes on wiring.
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