Powerdynamo, connecting GPS and(or mobile phone charger ?

Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light
to your vintage motorcycle



Technical Help



We quite often get asked whether one may connect to vehicles equipped with our ignition/lighting systems GPS, mobile phone charger  or various other electronic gadgets.  For this the following information:

In all our assembly instructions we write, right at start unter Important:
Our systems are NOT tested for use with third party electronic devices and may cause damage to such parts.
Especially when there is no battery in the system there may be voltage peaks. Also there always is some underlying and changing frequency in this voltage.

We therefore discourage users to connect such products to vehicles equipped with powerdynamo systems. Though we have heard from customers that some do this and do not have problems, we can NOT vouch that there will be no harm to such gadgets as GPS and mobile phone charger or whatever third party electronic device.

We also discourage customers to use LED lighting equipment  together with our material (Info here)
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