Powerdynamo, options to buy at time of system order

Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light
to your vintage motorcycle



Technical Help



For some systems we offer OPTIONS to be bought at time of order of a system

The options are NOT parts you can buy as separates, but parts we include at your command with systems at time of order, swapping them with the standard parts.

Sure that there is also an offer for those parts as such (in the Shop under Section spares). 
The difference between the options and the parts is the price, which is lower with the option as with options we keep the standard part and have (on mechanical parts) less work on them.

We write that so explicitly as we have again and again customers who buy an option with nothing else to replace a part already in their possession for some time because the option is cheaper.
Please note that we do not offer options against you sending in used or already older Powerdynamo parts.