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We have many reports as follows:

When i switch on lights, voltage is breaking down. An instrument shows readings far below standard and lights are dim. Battery is new.

Rare the customer who is willing to accept this explanation, still it is NEARLY ALWAYS the battery, even a new one which is the problem.

There are very bad quality batteries on the market, both 6 and 12V. Some of them dead before you buy them!

Two small tests should help you to see whether the battery is the problem
(The better thing however is to bring your battery to a battery service to check)

Disconnect battery, start engine (if needed disconnect the blue kill wire)
switch on headlights and increase engine speed a little. Headlight should be bright. In this situation, re-connect battery (perhaps get help from a second person). If headlights dims now, you have a battery problem - it simply burns the energy.

Engine is off, battery is connected, switch headlight on and leave on for about 5 min. A good battery should sustain this. If lights dim rapidly battery is bad.

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