Powerdynamo, different location of timing marking on internal 4 stzroke systems

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Position of ignition marking is different to what is shown in pictures (4 strokes internal sensor only)

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with the introduction of a new advance control units for internal trigger 4 stroke systems (giving better starting performance, but otherwise same characteristics) the position of the ignition marking on the base plate is shifting by 100 degrees into working direction.

We now use only this unit, recognisable by the green colour of the wire going to the ignition coil (older one was grey) but pictures in assembly instructions may still show the marking in the old position. You may rest assured that the marking has been put into the correct position by us, even if the pictures show otherwise.

But take care when replacing an older unit (with grey cable) by a new one (with green cable). Here you need to change the position of the marking and in consequence the position of the rotor in TDC piston position to match the marking.
Picture here shows clockwise running system. Situation is however analogue for anticlockwise running ones. You need to shift marking by 100 degrees into working direction. For clockwise operation the new marking is 172 clockwise from a line running through the middle of the fastening screw that is left of the larger black coil. For stator with anticlockwise sense this is 184 clockwise from this screw.

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