Powerdynamo, 16V on a 12V system? (8V on 6V system)

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Help, I get 16 Volts in a 12V system (or 8V in a 6V system)

Even though the systems are called 12V systems, 14.4V is (in all 12V systems, not only Powerdynamo systems) the correct voltage in the system. Voltage up to 15.5 is not really abnorm and is digested by the battery. 

Without battery and without any load the regulator of type 9522 goes wrong and delivery above 16volts. As soon as there is a load however, this can be a mere 2W bulb, it should be within norm. So, if you do nbot have a battery on board, always switch on lights
In a 6V System the norm is 7.4V

 Sometimes you get less than 12V on your meter, even though lights shine brightly. For why see here
see also Battery boils or does not get charged   back to Knowledge base