Powerdynamo, irregular sparks due to wire prolongation at advance unit 7295

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irregular sparks in systems with advance unit 7295 (internal sensor type)

in systems with this advance unit there is a green wire that runs from the advance unit to the ignition coil. This wire has a length of ca 40cm, meaning that the advance unit can not be placed further away from the ignition coil than those ca 40cm.

Quite often we find that customers prolong this wire, therby creating a potential problem.
This may work but also may bring problems, depending on position of parts relative to each other, length and routing of prolongation wire.

If you experience ignition irregularities (erratic sparks) after prolonging this wire, than please take your prolongation wire out again.

Reason for the problem is that the long wire acts as some antenna that catches electromagnetic noise from the ignition and feeds it back (back coupling) into it.
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