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what bulbs may/shall i use?  are there complete sets for my bike?

We often get asked to offer complete sets of bulbs for 6 to 12v conversion.

  • first to say that with a conversion from 6 to 12V you need to replace all bulbs.
  • for in what wattage you will need them, you should stick to the stock situation which in most cases is:
    - headlights 35-55W (Mopeds and very old bikes often also 15 W)
    - side indicator 10-24W
    - taillight 5 Watt
    - stop light 15-18W
    - instrument illumination 2-4W

    You should consider the overall energy balance of your dynamo/alternator. The sum of the wattage of all consumers should not be higher than the possible output of the dynamo/alternator. Bear in mind that you never get full power from the dynamo/alternator in town traffic (low revs, frequent stops)!

    Also Powerdynamo Systems are not nuclear power stations offering lighting power without end. Those systems have been developed for older motorcycles.
    Still in most cases they would offer more lighting output than the stock, aging system (and sure a modern ignition)
  • also you must opt for bulbs fitting the existing sockets. This is why we give dimensioned sketches and photos of bulbs on our bulb page

    As to the matter of full replacement sets of bulbs: not every motorcycle of same type has the same lighting equipment. There have been national variants and, sure, aftermarket modifications without end.  So, only option for you is to browse our bulb page for what you need.