Powerdynamo, strange positioning of timing markings ??

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Customers sometimes wonder whether the  timing markings or rotor nose positions indicated by Powerdynamo  material with advance control are in correct position as they  find them to be after the triggering devices (with external sensor systems the long sign on the circumference of the rotor, with internal trigger systems the 2 smaller black coils on the stator)

The short answer is: yes, this is OK. The markings will always be after the physical trigger devices as those devices are not only used to trigger, but also to measure crankshaft speed. Roughly speaking, time is taken for rotor passage from one coil (or start of protrusion) to the other coil (or end of protrusion). Only with this input crankshaft revolution speed can be calculated, needed advance looked up in table and required pre-ignition executed.

The whole arrangement is rather complicated and can not be interpreted in simple linear terms as you can see in the sketch here giving position of nonmagnet, timing coils and marking at TDC position for clockwise turning internal pickup systems with advance control

You will have to - and can - trust that we have placed the markings correctly.

(Note: this sketch is true for the newer advance boxes type 7295, for the older this is 100 degrees different)

Same analogue procedure with external trigger arrangement.  

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