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Shipping export parcels with DHL (German postal service)

We by default ship with UPS. We do so as we are very satisfied with the service UPS provides. One of the strong points is its track & trace facility.

For some far off destinations it can be that price of some small lot is out or relation with price for postage. Also in some countries (Canada is  such a case) UPS demand locally from customer a handling fee (other than state import taxes). 

For this reason, we offer for certain destinations  the standard German Postal Service (who have bought the name DHL) as a second option. 
BUT, and there is a big but: Track and trace (TT) facilities for DHL parcels with outside Germany destinations are incomplete. We can normally track only till the parcel leaves Germany. Beyond that neither we, nor the customer can (except in certain cases) check.  THis you have to bear in mind when choosing this postage option.
Experience has shown that there is no use in asking DHL to check on status of parcels deemed to be late or lost (Unless the parcel is overdue by more than a month or so). So we will not take any action in such cases.

In some cases postal parcels take a while to arrive (due to situations in the destination country, including local customs procedures). It might also be that the destination carrier is not the national postal service, but some other agent who cooperates with German Post (we do not know who this partner will be)