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additional payment for arriving parcel (customers outside EU) ???

From time to time we get mail from customers such as

I just received an invoice in the mail for $xx.xx (USD) from UPS for the shipment of your product to me. I believe your company should pay for ALL of the shipping charges since I paid already for you to ship it to me.

We are very sorry for this, but this is not of our making, nor can we influence this. 
Neither get we anything of this, nor are we informed in any way when we ship that there are additional local cost to the customer.

When importing goods into a country from a country there is no free trade with (say EU to non EU country) it can be that national customs demand import duty and/or  tax which often is collected by the carrier from the customer (or customer has to go directly to some customs office to pay before he gets the goods).

This is something entirely at the discretion of the government of the country the customer resides in. We can not know whether and if so, how much duty customs will levy and we can in no way inform the customer on this other than with the general wording of our general conditions of sale which read in article 4

for US customers: there is some good info on this here https://www.cbp.gov/trade/basic-import-export/internet-purchases

The customer will pay the respective invoiced amount in Euro. The invoice will state beside the net prices for the goods, the prices for all additional services: transport costs, valid VAT etc., not however possibly applicable import duty and/or fees in third countries.

Also we inform on this in our shop during checkout when we ask you to accept our terms of sale.

We know that in some countries there is a threshold in invoice value below which there is no duty to pay. We do not know however if this is the case in your country and if so what the threshold is (also it may change from time to time)

We would advice customers to enquire locally before buying from us whether and how much import duty is levied. This duty depends on the kind of goods, into which customs tariff code they fall.

The goods we ship are considered by us to fall into the following customs tariff:
85112000 Ignition magnetos, magneto-dynamos and magnetic flywheels, for spark-ignition or compression-ignition internal combustion engines

We are sorry that customers might have to pay extra money which they did not plan to pay and we understand that they might be angry, but as explained we are not responsible for this. What we can do and do is to inform the customer on the background to this.


example of customs invoice for import by ups into US (shipment data erased)
Govt exchange rate will vary, also will shown fees