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Caution: the test procedure explained below should only be done by electrically qualified  people.
How to check function of voltage converter 7051

This part is used in some of our ignitions which work on condenser discharge (CDI) principle, but do not have a magneto which a CDI system normally had.

The converter converts battery voltage (6 or 12V, no matter) into voltage which normally a magneto churns out for loading the condenser in the CDI.

As the converter has to deliver quite some power (depending on number of sparks per minute something like 20-35Watts it gets warm and should therefore not be fitted near heat sources.
If it smells burnt it probably is burnt and therefore dead.

Also it should not be fitted directly (piggyback style) to the advance unit as its magnetic influence can disturb the advance unit, making it go wrong.

The unit delivers (when connected to a battery 6 or 12V) 2 different DC Voltages which, if one suspects malfunction, can be checked with a voltage meter.
  • 18-20V DC between the the green/red wire and the white wire (white is ground, which also connects to battery minus)
    there are 2 such green/red wires. both most have 18V DC against ground
  • 330-350V DC between the red wire and the white ground wire

    Care: this voltage may hurt is not handled properly!

  • check that your battery is not dead!

  • Never introduce any other than battery voltage 6-12V into the unit and this only via the battery wires red and white. Make sure not to confuse polarity!
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