Powerdynamo, mixing with third party material?

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mixing Powerdynamo material with 3rd party or selfmade materials?

We sometimes get customer requests such as:

  • i have ignition parts from some other manufacturer which i like to use with your system, what do i have to do?
  • i like to use some control unit such as the m-unit from motogadget, possible and how?
  • i want to build my own ignition/regulator and need some information for this.
  • i have some engine i want to adapt your material to myself, just send me what i need

Answering such questions would need to address the following issues:

  1. could this bring dangers for the driver, the environment or the bike?
  2. could the Powerdynamo system be harmed?
  3. could the added component be harmed?
  4. could irregularities in ignition and lighting be the result?


All those questions do not have an easy general answer. There are so many ignition and add-on products on the market. We can never know them all, even less can we know whether they would work well with our material. Even more so as there is also the matter of in which geometric position the parts are arranged to each other (interference).

The manufacturer of the parts you want to add will possibly answer in very similar terms when you ask him about his materials with Powerdynamo.

Such things raise many questions which nobody really can answer with certainty. We at times get bombarded with questions on how many and what shape ignition pulses have, what the voltage at certain points is, which cables one would have to connect to etc.

We will not answer such questions, because we do not want to pander such experimenting and we definitely do not want to be responsible for possible consequences. Some gadgets, customers want to add have a pricetag larger than the one from our complete system.

In all our assembly instructions we write, right at start unter Important:
Our systems are NOT tested for use with third party electronic devices and may cause damage to such parts.

  • We therefore refuse to deliver material for projects on engines not known to us for customer DIY purposes.
  • using our parts in mix with stock parts or other makes is not designated use and hence not covered by warranty
If a customer has an (not tuned) engine for which we do not offer yet a solution, we are quite willing to check what can be done to make a system and do it. But we will not work for anything not known to us. We also want to stress we do not sell PD spares if we do not know for what Powerdynamo system they are destined (info here).

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