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Technical Help



We offer all parts for Powerdynamo systems (even for older) as spares

In order to send you the correct parts, we need to know exactly what system the part would be for (system number). Should you not know this number than send us a photo of the installed system and tell us what motorcycles this is.
We will not send out spares when we are not sure what they are destined for.
Reason: customers sometimes put together uncompatible parts which than (in the best case) will not work. Mostly however such action will lead to the destruction of the part and/or other parts in the system. The customer than is tempted to return those, now mostly dirty and often destroyed parts for refund or swap against other parts. Such instances are mostly not covered by warranty as the parts have not been used properly.

Please buy a spare in our shop only if the writing on the part you want to replace matches with the writing on the parts offered.

Never try to compose a system yourself from individuial materials, even less so if you want to mix them with third party or stock parts.

Increasingly we get demands for spares from customers who do not have a genuine system from us, but one made up with our or VAPE parts.
Unfortunately those customers rarely indicate this situation, or even are not aware of it  as they bought the bike or dynamo/ignition system in this state. What we than deliver as spares very often does not fit and causes frustration and expense on both sides.

Should you not know the system number from us (from your invoice or delivery papers), please send us some photos of the parts where we could recognise the labeling (numbers written onto them). Please do not look up possible part numbers from our pages and give them to us as a fact. This may go violently wrong!

Should you buy separate parts (spares) to complete a system yourself, you will find that the total price of all parts for a system is higher than the price of the complete system.
Also, should you want us to leave out certain parts in a system for you, you will find that this will not reduce the price of the rest in the amount we charge for the part left out as a spare. That is the nature of spares.
Also, often our effort in such things is high. We need to find what you want, need to make you an offer outside our shop, need to collect  payment manually and (in very many cases) have a lot of communication with you that consumes time.