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Rubber grommet does not fit ... wires to long or to short...

We get often mail telling us the the grommet we supply on most stator wires is not correct for a certain motorcycle, is either too long, to wide, too narrow etc.

We are fully aware that this grommet does not serve every purpose. After all there  are several hundreds of different engines having had different wire exits and hence different grommets

It is impossible to supply correct grommets for the individual applications. The seemingly small and cheap grommet is not so cheap after all when you have to get a mould  made.

The grommet supplied comes from some JAWA application and we leave it on the wire as it might serve a purpose, even if cut a little in length.

Sure if it does not fit at all, please cut it off (but no cutting into the cables please!) and throw it away.

Same thing applies to cable length. For some customners wires ar to long, for others to short.
WE are sorry for this, but we can not make cables directly fit each motorcycle. There are to many versiopns and making them all would create havoc and inflate prices.
Please see also entry "Powerdynamo systems are replacement systems and not copies of stock systems"