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  • Why does Powerdynamo not consider orders as valid before payment for them is made and why is advance payment by bank for orders not accepted?

  • Why are we rather reluctant to accept orders where customer says he will collect here.

As we offer nearly 500 different systems which are composed of about 2000 different pieces, we need to start packing the system at time of order to make sure the parts are available when payment arrives.

Unfortunately experience shows that quite a few customers who had first been pressing for time than take their time to do payment or to come here to collect, a good many never do.

The result for us is that the parcels idle packed in the shelf, blocking parts possibly urgently needed for other orders. There have been times where we had dozens of parcels idling around until we finally unpacked them again due to lack of customer action with payment.

For this reason we only start assembling parts after payment has been made and not already when some order is announced.

We know that there are customers who are afraid of using online payment systems. We understand this, but we run an online shop and this works with online payment.  Also, customers refusing to use the shop forgo the chance of more online information nand the shop discount. Powerdynamo offers secure and practical payment facilities, notably paypal, but also credit card. For customers outside Germany we do not offer COD (as the return of not accepted parcels is quite costly).

Now and than we get customers who complain that though they did make payment by paypal or credit card right at time of order, they still have to wait sometimes 2-6 weeks for the order to be shipped. 

We indicate in our shop delivery times and given the above situation with parts, we have no alternative for this.

Having said all this, we still think that our response and delivery times are good and acceptable.