Powerdynamo, KB 6 or 12 volts, what shall i take?

Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light
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6 or 12 Volts, what should I choose (previously 6 Volts)

6 Volts actually belong to the past for a long time. Lower voltage means less output but increases the current flow (and the corrosion on the connectors).

What is the difference between 6V and 12V Powerdynamo systems?
  • the ignition part for our systems is completely the same
  • different is the voltage for lighting only
  • the regulator of the 6V version has no connection for a charge control indicator lamp
What do I need to change if I switch to 12 Volts? 
  • all light bulbs (see our offer here)
  • flasher (side indicator) unit  if available (see our offer here)
  • the battery (if you want to drive without a battery, see info here)
  • the 6V horn may stay. It will work with 12V. But make sure you do not have an AC horn when you install a DC system. 
    An AC horn will not work with DC (and vice versa)

Can i change a PD system later on from 6 to 12 V?

  • basically, yes. but there are cost involved. Both stator and regulator have to be replaced  (ca. 130 Euro)

I definitely want a 6V system, what can be done?

  • such a system would be a special make and can not be bought directly via our shop (there exist however some 6v systems)