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Kickback problems with large (400cc or over) single  cylinder engines

Large single cylinder engines with, say 400plus cc tent to kickback rather violently when started. When we have engines which have been rebored to even larger cc the problem is even worse.

This is true for the stock situation and for sure also for the engine with the Powerdynamo replacement. Here it could even be worse if timing is not correct. Different to the stock situation with PD material you theoretically can set any timing. Sure including really bad. So the concept of getting rid of those kickbacks by installing Powerdynamo will not work and we are very hesitant to offer systems for such motorcycles.

We have this problems e.g. in Ducati (this is why we expressly do not authorise use of our system 7254 in the 450cc engine), Maico 500 (this is why we do not offer it), Yamaha XT600 (this is why we stopped selling it), Yamaha SR/XT500 (where we expressly refer to the manufacturers starting procedure).

On engines with such kickbacks you need to make sure that you push the kicklever right down to the end (make sure nothing - such as modified footrest or stands - scan prevent this)

see e.g. our information for the SR/XT500 

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