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We get asked frequently whether we can offer a better price on a product. (we do not talk about reseller discounts, but discounts for private customers)

Sure, prices are a legitimate point of discussion. What customer would not want a good, low price?

Let us first state that Powerdynamo is not expensive. Ask a Honda, Husqvarna, BMW or KTM dealer for the price of an ignition system - expensive will get a different perspective than.   Everything offered should be of decent quality, both parts and service. Our products are not fire and forget products from Far East. We go to some length to adapt material to various engines, offer documentation, warranty, service and spares.

Making special prices individually means orders can than not be handled via our shop - and this means for us more effort, more time and more room for error.
We try to keep our overhead cost low in order to keep prices reasonable, also we try to deliver fast. In this, the shop system is a great help and cutting it out for the benefit of a few Euros for a certain customer is not in relation to those goals and efforts

So, sorry, but we will not make special offers to customers at their request.

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