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Wo often get material  considered defective by customers,  where our check finds bad wiring and bad plug connections as the reason.

When the 2 plug halves are connected it may happen that a terminal is pushed out towards the rear of the plug. Sometimes this only leads to failure after a few miles of ride when vibrations have cut of the small remaining contact between male and female terminals.

Very often we see that customers cut plugs and substitute them by unsuitable material and/or careless work. This also entails a high danger of shortcircuits. Please also know that soldering without having disconnected the solder iron galvanically from mains can be dangerous to electronics. 


Wires may easily get pinched somewhere and short to ground, If you experience problems, carefully scrutinize the wires, probably with some magnifying glas.

Wires may also get damaged by the running rotor (picture) 

remark: clicking on pics enlarges them

ignition failure after only short period of run as result of badly screwed in HT cables

It happens that HT cables are not correctly screwed onto the woodscrews of the ignition coil and spark plug cap. Especially with soft cables, pay attention to this. We had cases where the cables did not even reach the screw and had only been held in place by the rubber grommet and others where the screw did not hit the copper core (green here), but some sideways part of the insulation (red arrow here)

Result: ignition failure, often not directly ffrom start, but shortly afterwards.

In the pic here the screw did enter rather centrally, but pushed the copper core to the side. The remaing contact to only a few of the cores wires burnt away quckly and ignition failed.

Should you get such things, cut of a few mm of the HT cabkle to get a fresh contact.

see also KB entry on warranty
and customer modifications of material