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After installation of a Powerdynamo system (notably after changes from 6 to 12V) some customers experience problems with side indicators (turn signals, flashers)

Problems mostly are that flashing frequency is much too high, in some cases looking as if lights shine permanently.

Reasons and remedies can be as follows:

Flasher units do not only have to correspond to the voltage of the electrical system, but also need to correspond to the power consumption (wattage) of the flasher bulbs to work correctly. So, check values given at your flasher unit against what you have on flasher bulbs

If you use LED flasher you might even have to install additional resistors to get a wattage that makes the flasher units work. Please consult the manual of your LED flasher producer.

For suitable flasher units see our offer

Powerdynamo systems technically may run without a battery present.
Flasher units, as they basically deliver pulses are not happy with voltage which already contains pulses. They demand a smooth DC voltage. Any alternator - and our systems are basically alternators - produces alternating current first. It gets rectified to DC but still inherits a certain frequency (changing with engine revs) which may disturb direction indicators, horns and sometimes even lights,

A battery is technically a large capacitor and solves the problem by absorbing that unwanted frequency, smoothing the current.

If there is no battery in the system but side indicators, use our alternative regulator with inbuilt condenser.

  • bad ground connection somewhere in the system
in such cases you might get that headlight or stoplight tent to blink reverse to the frequency of the flashers. Here check all ground connections and better make a new one between regulator minus and your central ground terminal. Do not rely on the frame as a conductor! Old motorcycle frames have quite some resistance!

Note that if you have installed a AC system a standard (DC) flasher unit will not work (as will not horn!). There are AC flasher units, but they have peculiarities and possibly demand legal certification (notice in road papers).
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