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This regulator (part 73 00 799 50) replaces both the standard 12V Powerdynamo regulator/rectifier and the rather large smoothing condenser. You save space, weight and assembly time.
Though this part makes most sense in non battery environments, it may also be used together with a battery. No problem here.

There is however no charge control light facility. (For the main purpose of this regulator however, driving without battery, this point should be irrelevant).
to compare the 2 DC regulators we offer see info here

Note: only for 12V and only for Powerdynamo systems.

Regulator as separate extra
part 73 00 799 50 Price

Regulator as option
(ordered at same time as a system) part 73 00 799 XX Price
you buy in our shop under <regulator> in addition to a system at time of system order. (The system will than be equipped with this regulator and not the standard 95 22 699 06 one)

For more wiring information see here

red = plus 12V DC to motorcycle consumers

brown = negative ground

AC black in are the 2 black wires from the PD Magneto bringing unregulated AC voltage

compare sizes and weights!

left: standard 95 22 699 06 (weight 250gr)
right: regulator 73 00 799 50 (weight 140 gr)
dims 90x40x22 (plus wires)
Sketch see here

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