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Technical Help



Regulator/Rectifier: 12V/200W
Standard regulator for use in Powerdynamo Systemes offering battery support

Regulator/Rectifier: 12V/180W
replaces both the standard regulator/rectifier and the smoothing condenser. 

As we get frequently asked:
  • which one shall i take ?
    well, this is up to you. main points to consider would be fastening space available and wish for charge control light support.
    Many systems, notably such as for KTM, Husky and similar which never had a charge control come already with this regulator
  • which one is more powerful ?
    the wattage indicated refers to the maximal load you can subject the regulator to. It does not signal different levels of power the regulator will deliver you. To give an example, a 12V internal 103mm system produces maximally 100 Watts irrespectively what regulator you have there.
  • which one to use when driving without battery?
    both may be used without battery. Only to know that if you have the 95 22 699 06, no battery AND side indicators (flashers) you will need a smoothing condenser.
    also, read our info on driving without battery
  • can i use the 73 00 799 50 with battery ?
    Yes, without reservation. If you want to drive most of the time without battery (where a charge control light, so existing, would not work anyway, the smaller regulator is, for various reasons the better choice, unless you get coltish and mount 65W halogen, heat grips ... but there your generator will probably say, no thanks mate.
    This regulator anyway may be used without or with battery, no difference to it.

Article 95 22 699 06
dimensions: 98x55x40mm
weight: 250gr

Article 73 00 799 50
dimensions: 90x40x22mm
weight: 140gr

May also be used without battery. For use of non-battery systems please see our information  driving without battery!

Has been designed for use in Powerdynamo Systems without battery, but may without restriction also be used in battery systems (12V). Does not offer charge control light function. More information here.

This regulator does have a terminal to connect a charge control light. You can not connect anything else to this charge control wire, such as a relay or so. This will not work and damage the unit!. Note: charge control function requires battery.

This regulator, is somewhat larger and heavier than its alternative counterpart.
Regulated voltage 14.4V, rated rectified current 14A

Battery drain when at standstill is at 25 and <=13V voltage <= 1mA 

This regulator does not offer a charge control light facility, but is lighter and smaller than its standard counterpart and has inbuilt smoothing condenser. 

Regulated voltage 13.8V (special for Gel lead/acid), rated rectified current 10A, max. rectified current 14A.

Battery drain when at standstill is at 25 and <=13V voltage <= 0,05mA 

Please know:
any mixup of polarity (even if briefly) will destroy a regulator!!



Info on our AC regulator



The 2 regulator and the smoothing condenser.