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AC or DC ?

The hardware-difference between AC- and DC- Powerdynamos is the regulator/rectifier!
Our Powerdynamo systems could be (on demand) equiped with either a DC regulator - or a (much  smaller) AC regulator. Both regulators could be easily replaced by the other one. The choice of regulator is the only difference between our AC- and DC- systems.

70 36 799 50

AC Regulator 12V/70W especially for our systems used for off-road purposes.

dimensions: 60x35x25
weight: 50gr

as alternative to standard DC rectifier/regulator

dimensions: 98x55x40
weight: 250gr

Info on DC regulator here

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May be used in all our systems as an alternative if weight and dimensions demand that. Is however really only recommended in bikes without battery and side indicators (full AC systems). 
Practically a DC regulator (resp.: rectifier/regulator) is the better solution. It will take higher loads and is  more versatile in use.

The advantage of the AC regulator is in its smallness. This comes in handy in:
  • vintage motorcycles, where you have a problem to "hide" the rather large DC regulator. The AC regulator could be mostly even mounted inside the headlight casing.
  • "pure off-road" motorcycles, where you want only some rudimentary electric system and only few options to fix the (relatively) heavy DC regulator.

This advantage however goes hand in hand with a series of  disadvantages (with  possibly even legal implications) of the AC regulator
  • You can not use a battery (hence no parking light)
  • You can not use side indicators (trafficators), unless you install an AC flasher unit, that equally has some (possible even legal) aspects to consider.
  • You can not use a normal DC horn (AC-driven that would remain totally silent). You can use an AC horn, but that too has a few points to observe
  • The AC regulator takes only 70 Watts load, even if the dynamo would generate more.

Wiring diagram of our systems with this regulator.