Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your vintage motorcycle


DC or AC, things you might want to know
AC and DC are different types of voltage or current. DC is constant and moves in one direction, whereas the flow of AC on a graph makes a sinusoid or wave-like pattern. AC stands for alternating current and DC for direct current.

Both are good to iluminate light bulbs (your home grid is AC), but only DC can charge a battery.

We offer some interesting solution for very old motorcycle or older small moped where you do not need 70 or 100w lighting and have little or no space for the regulator.
This is a system 6V/18W AC that works fine without any regulator. Information here.

Regulator 70 36 799 50

AC regulator 12V/70W for use with Powerdynamo  Systems in really old motorcycles and off roads having as stock situation AC systems.

dimensions: 60x35x25
weight: 50gr
in the picture encircled in red next to standard regulator

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Basically, the standard DC regulator (actually regulator and rectifier in one) is the much better solution. It withstands more load and has universal use in Powerdynamo systems

The advantage of the AC regulator is in his smallness and that is integrates well into an AC environment

Those advantages go however hand in hand with certain disadvantages
  • you can not use a battery
  • you can not use side indicators (save for the use of a special AC flasher unit which has some percularities to observe.
  • you can not use a standard electric horn (it would not sound at all with AC) unless you use a special AC horn, which has certain percularities to observe
  • the small regulator will withstand only up to 70 Watts and would need to have lights on all the time (strange, but true, see here)

typical PD wire diagram showing the use of this regulator.

Regulator 95 22 699 06

Powerdynamo Standard Regulator/rectifier 12V/max 200W  
May be used with or without battery, But please, for driving without battery consult our information on this.

Dimensions 98x55x40     
Weight  250gr

Powerdynamo Standard 

more information here

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Regulator 73 00 799 50

Alternative PD regulator/rectifier with built in smooting condenser
Specially made for use in Powerdynamo systems running without battery, but can also be used with battery.

Does not offer a charge constrol facility as the 12V standard regulator

Dimensions 91x40x25
weight  140gr


more Info here

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