Powerdynamo brings new ignition & light 
to your vintage motorcycle



Technical Help



xx xx 788 xx new range of systems for small or very old motorcycles/moped with 6V/18W lighting

For many small or very old motorcycles the lighting output of our normal systems with 100W is too high. This is like shooting with canon to birds.
also finding a place for the regulator is often a problem.

As this concerns nearly always systems with originally 6V and 15W (or less) headlight and 3w taillight we offer this material.

Those are stator (there are ones for clockwise and other for anticlockwise operation) which deliver 6V, max 18W and work completely without regulator.

The ignition side has remained the same prooven material.

Those stator could be used in all systems with inner impuls system and are compatible with all ignition coils and rotor versions.

Systems with those stator can not charge a battery!! If you introduce the alternating current from this stator into a battery, the battery will be damaged and might even explode. 

To prevent that bulbs blow during switch over from high to low beam (or reverse), something known also in original systems, we recommend that you use a safety wiring as described here.

If you want such an option on your ordered system, add this as an option in our shop together with the system you want (needs to be done in one sale)

examples of use: