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The Powerdynamo instructions give an ignition setting (2 strokes) that differs to the value shown in the stock manual. Which value shall i take?

We sometimes get data from customers or look them up on the web if we lack stock literature. It therefore may well be that the data we give are wrong.

At the same time however it is true that with modern carburants (which now have well into the 90s octan which are actually to hot for those old motorcycles, but you have no choice but to use it) the need to advance a lot is no longer there. Even less so with the high power condenser discharge ignition (CDI) as you have with Powerdynamo.

So, one gets a situation where the old factory value for normal ignition setting might no longer be valid. Flame development is so rapid that you need to set ignition nearer to TDC than your old manual might indicate. This we experience in most motorcycles made before about 1970 and are now equipped with Powerdynamo.

General experience says that about 10-20% less advance than stated in stock manuals. The older the engine, the more this value. Notably with pre-war engines the 20% are mostly true.

This subject also touches on the question of advance centrifugal govenors in 2 strokes. See here 

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