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Question What can I do when I have a Problem with  Powerdynamo material?
Answer First of all, do not despair. We will certainly help. It has to be said however that diagnosis from afar is a problematic matter. You need to inform us in some detail what the problem is. A simple statement "does not work" is no good enough. 
Please have a look at our Service pages and use the options offered there. Please consider that phoning us as really the last (and not always best) resort. 
For more information on warranty see here

Question Why is my statement "Does not work" not good enough?
Answer We need to know about what you talk. Ignition, lighting? How does the problem manifest itself? When did it happen? Directly after installation or later? After some repair? What system do we talk about?  Etc ...

Question What if i modify Powerdynamo Material? Will this effect my statuary rights?
Answer Strictly speaking yes, any modification of the material has to be agreed with Powerdynamo (see General terms of trade). For more info see here.

Question Why is it so difficult to get Powerdynamo on the phone?
Answer We have very many costomers. That brings plenty of communication. We do not want and we can not set up a call center. That would inflate prices without any real effect. Experience shows that when people ring they never have all data on hand. How do you send a picture down the line?
As we really want to work for you, we need time for this. Therefore our phones are active only till midday (Berlin time).

Question Why does it take sometimes a little before Powerdynamo can deliver?
Answer We offer a wide range of systems. Some of them are demanded only irregulary and we do not stock them. They are made on demand only. Than, systems consist of many parts. If one of those parts alone is not available for some reason, the whole system can not be shipped but has to wait for the part to arrive. You would be amazed to know how long it takes to get certain parts. We had delivery times for relays of one whole year and of condensers of 3 months. Getting adapter parts made on CNC machinery of our suppliers is also not a matter of one, but rather 6 weeks.
But all in all, we still think that our delivery delays are acceptable, if not fast.

Question May I drive without battery, if so what to observe? Do I always have to use the condenser in those instances?
Answer All Powerdynamo systems having a 799 or 999 in the partnumber (e.g.. 70 81 999 017) may - technically seen - run without battery. Systems with a 599 in the number (e.g. 70 50 599 00) need a battery. He who wants to drive without battery needs to know and observe a few things.

Question May I use my existing electronic tachometer?

The short and sorry answer is  NO. BUt you may use a replacement one. See KB entry here

Question Why are Powerdynamo systems in them so different in price when they still  look similar?
Answer There is a big difference whether we have a 2 or a 4 stroke system (with an advance control unit which is an expensive part). Next difference is mechanical effort to make the adapter.  Further difference is whether we can sell a lot of those systems and can order the parts in larger numbers, hence cheaper. Some systems are virtually handmade and are therefore expensive.

Question Why is  Powerdynamo not cheaper? Do they not use Czech parts?
Answer First, Powerdynamo is not expensive. Ask a Honda, Husqvarna or KTM dealer for the price of an ignition system. Or try to contact DKW or Noris to get information and parts.

Yes, the Czech company VAPE is the manufacturer of many parts Powerdynamo uses. Vape produce for Powerdynamo some 250 different parts which complement with a total of 1500 parts Powerdynamo use for outputing something like 400 different systems. Though VAPE produce nearly all electronic components Powerdynamo use, they themselves do not produce the Systems Powerdynamo offer. Those systems only come into existence in Powerdynamo. Powerdynamo does the complete implementation to the different engines, the respective documentation, the service, warranty and spareparts supply. 

Question Why did Powerdynamo increase prices over the years?
Answer Yes, Powerdynamo has increased prices over the years as metal prices as well as general production costs (energy, heating, but equally wages) have rissen significantly. 
Additionally there have been new consumer and environment protection laws introduced which cost money to comply with. 

Still, we find that our prices are not inflated and that we offer a faire price/product ratio.