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When you experience problems after you have installed a powerdynamo system, please do not jump to the conclusion that the material must be faulty! You otherwise deprive yourself of the sometimes quite easy option to find  and solve the problem quickly. We provide a lot of information in our knowledge base and we will advice you on trouble shouting with our service procedures.

  • The failure rate of our material is less than 0.1%.
  • 95% of material returned to us for checking as assumed to be faulty is absolutely working normally.
  • In the vast majority of cases customers contact to us that they have no or only a weak spark ignition is working properly, but general setup of the motorcycle is faulty or they try to test in unsuitable ways

Unfortunately we hear often from customers "I got the material checked by a specialist" or "i did check the material" and it is definitely faulty.
Whatever had been checked there, it may not only have been useless, but could be downright dangerous for the material. Here you find an overview of what you could check and how.
None of our ignition parts carries battery voltage and battery voltage should never be introduced there (except our ignitions labelled clearly battery ignition)

we write in all our instructions:

At any rate do refrain from measuring the electronic components (such as ignition coil, regulator and advance unit). You risk severe damage to the inner electronics there. You will not get any tangible results from the operation anyway.

After the problems have been solved, we always ask the customer to tell us what the reason was.

Here the most frequent problems found:

ignition side
  • Ground, ground, ground. Problem number 1 is bad or missing ground! this can not be stressed enough. Though we warn in our instructions not to rely on the frame as electrical conductor many customers do so - and get problems.
  • Problem number 2 are spark plugs and/or spark plug caps.
    Here we hear again and again that new ones had been used, plugs tested in other engines have been used etc.
    Still, this is a major problem. See info here
  • Blue wire, blue wire, blue wire. Very many problems are connected to blue kill wire and cut-off relay.
    relay is wrongly connected to the main switch and does NOT bring the needed voltage - as a result ignition remains off. ground connected to the blue switch off wire by a defectice kill switch, unsuitable relay, damaged wire, shorting somewhere to ground. We even had customers who thought the blue wire has to be connected to ground by design.
  • carburettor, carburettor, carburettor. we read again and again "i can exclude the carb, it is new, it has been redone, it has been cleaned" only that the customer found at the end that indeed it was the carburettor (and/or the air filter).
  • main switches are a reason also, bad or wrong switches are rather frequent (notably in the age of chinese replicas).
  • Wrong understanding of how high energy spark looks like and unsuitable testing methods leading to such findings as "i have only a weak spark"
  • Very many customers suspect the regulator when they encounter ignition problems.
    the regulator however does not have any role in ignition. Only connection between lighting and ignition is - so installed - the relay. See info here
  • As the customer would have just installed the Powerdynamo ignition, he tents to suspect it as the cause for engine starting/running problems. Experience however shows that in most cases causes for problems are not in ignition material, but other engine aspect.  
  • If your engine sports increased compression, changed stroke, changed timing etc than you should not be surprised that you encounter problems. Our material is made for stock configurations, not unknown tuning configurations.

lighting side
  • Number 1 problem is faulty wiring in motorcycle grid outside Powerdynamo system
    Here nothing is impossible. After all, you have an old motorcycle with often unknown past.
    Frequent finds have been:

    - missing wire from new regulator plus and/or battery to main switch (very frequent!)
    - bad or wrong main switch and terminals of same
    - bad batteries which consume all produced energy but do not load (internal short circuit) - quite often!
    - We had short circuits on tachometer bulb inside tachometer that happened when bulbs got changed
       from 6 to 12V, so problem was not visible before
  • Problematic is always when motorcycles had originally both alternating current (AC) for headlight and possibly taillight as well as direct current (DC) for battery charge and flashers. Those two part grids have to be combined in the fully DC environment of the Powerdynamo (except AC systems). This problem can be really tricky. We will gladly assist the customer in this if we get a copy of the original wiring from him.
  • often there are dead batteries on board (sometimes even shopnew dead ones). they will burn all arriving voltage into heat, forcing the system to break down.
  • one of the black wires for lighting might be damaged under the stator coil and shortcircuit to ground (notably in internal sensor units)

A further frequent problem are customer modifications on wiring and connector plugs of Powerdynamo components. In very many cases we get material back for testing where wires have been cut, welded or connected by various, often  unsuitable connectors.
  • note that welding may damage electronics
  • crimping of replacement terminals is often not good without access to proper tools
  • re-wiring always bears the danger of short circuits and wire mix ups!
  • last not least we always have additional efforts to test such material as connectors are not standard any more (if not missing at all)
  • it is simply not understandable that first things many customers do during installation is to cut of our plugs only to install badly connected material.
The number of customer  complaints of ignition failures is manifestly higher in spring. We get such reports as "last year all was ok, now  i wanted to drive again, did not start". 
  • battery low?
  • carburettor blocked by dirt particles?
  • petrol over the moon (it ages very quickly!)?
  • airfilter moist?
Also we see a significant increase in problem reports during heat waves. We get such reports as "after only a few kilometers engine suddenly stopped and refused to restart". 
  • mostly spark plus and cap issues
  • carburation issues (pressure inside carb due to heat)
finally, please consider that other than ignition related problems might be the cause of what you experience. See our info here
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