Powerdynamo, no tuning, changes in engine characteristics bring problems

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We are not in the tuning business. On the contrary, we refuse use of our material in tuned engines.
Powerdynamo Systems are designated to replace stock dynamo/alternator & ignition systems in vintage and classic motorcycles whose engine characteristics have not been modified aftermarket.

Changes in in engine characteristics unfortunately are rather frequent. Customers want to increase engine power by increased compression, lighter flying masses, changes valve timing, modified bore and/or stroke, use of parts from other engine types etc.

With this, completely new configurations emerge which are not known to us and for which our material has never been tested. Frequent unfortunate results are problems with engine run, notably at startup (kickbacks), sometimes even physical fitment problems.

Use of our material in such environments is not designated use and is hence not be covered by warranty. Additional to this, we will not be able to offer our usual service as we do not know the engine situation.

For this very same reasons we do not offer ignition systems which can be programmed or reprogrammed by the customer.

Please know: modifying engine characteristics might infringe legal roadworthiness. More info see our KB entry on Powerdynamo and road licencing regulations