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Technical Help


We get again and again complaints from customers
that sparks generated by our systems are only "weak".


Please look at the picture with the spark plug bottom here.
Do you see a spark?




Please click onto that picture and you will understand what we mean in our explanations further down the text.

That is not a trick, it is the same picture!
If you do not believe that, use a magnifying glass and check the small picture. 

This little picture game should demonstrate that one can go easily wrong in saying "weak spark" if one is only out to see it and does not give the motorcycle a decent chance to start, completed with carburettor and petrol (many customer kickstarts his bike to see the spark, but has no petrol yet, sometimes not even a carb fitted).
Sparks from High Power systems do look totally different to sparks from old points based systems. They are very focussed (hence appear "thin") and light blue (hence little visible).
Further, the better the spark plug, the less visible the spark, as a good plug focusses even more. Take an old spark plug, cut off the side electrode and test. You will see a hailstorm of sparks. Good to see, but not so good to ignite.
Sparks from conventional systems are bulky and yellow. They shine well into your eyes, but in effect have only little power. Any welding flame is hot in the blue and cold in the yellow zone. Your spark is no different.
So, be not fooled by a seemingly weak spark. You have here nearly 40.000 volts which will securely ignite your carburant.
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