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I want a system spark only, no lighting support

All our magneto systems with internal pickup can be made with a stator that does not have any lighting coils and hence no regulator. 

In picture to the left you see a stator without lighting coils and one with. Shown here are stator for anticlockwise operation, they exist however also for clockwise operation

This simplifies wiring and eases weight.
Also you save on the regulator and a little on stator.
Reduction for such systems is  30 euros tax included (25.21 ex tax)

This is available only on systems with internal pickup (for simple reason of economy, we have already more than 20 versions of stator).
If you want such an option on your ordered system, add this as an option in our shop together with the system you want (needs to be done in one sale)

When you later want to change to a system with lighting support you need to replace the stator and add a regulator. ignition side remains same.

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