Powerdynamo, missing ignition mark on rotor 112mm

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Information:  due to a manufactural mistake rotor marked 
  • A68R-18  2512  (mostly used in Suzuki Twins)

lack the ignition marking. We are deeply sorry for this mistake and ask our customers who have got such rotor to kindly put this marking (with some marker pen) as follows: 

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Place the rotor with its closed side facing you onto a table.  You should not see the magnets.

Turn the rotor in such a way that the writing  A68R-18 2512 is in a 12 o´clock position relative to you.

At the 3 o´clock (as at 9 o`clock) you will have now a hole with about 10mm (0.4 inch) diameter.


The needed marking is 13 degrees away into clockwise direction from the center of this 3 o´clock hole as shown in the drawing.


Here you see how it should have looked from start.



(Marking amplified red in picture)

As it is not an easy job to get those 13 degrees translated onto the rotor, you probably better use an alternative method as follows:

Place the rotor in front of you in such a way that you see the magnets.

Near the RH corner of a magnet next to one of the two empty positions (magnet missing) you will find a small reference hole of about 5mm (0.2 inch) diameter.

Now count the magnets from this hole onwards in clockwise direction. Identify number 2 (marked here with 2).

The new marking should be 8mm anticlockwise from the end of this magnet no. 2 as shown here.


Thank you for your kind understanding and help in this sorry affair.

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