Powerdynamo, the statement "does not work" is no good to trace a problem

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Technical Help



When addressing us with problems you experience or sending us parts considered to be wrong or faulty, please do not  only write "does not work" "does not fit".
Such statements are absolutely useless. When we do not get more detailed information on what you thing is wrong we can not help you to solve the problem.

Besides of information on what system you talk about and when and how you did get it (in case of warranty also a copy of the invoice is needed) you should hand us such information as shown below:

Did you already browse our knowledgebase? We try to give there as many as possible information on possible problems with the material and hints to overcome them. On this database, please read first the entry "please read this first"

  • what exactly is the problem? Does it effect lighting/battery or ignition?
    Often we tested ignition to be told later by the customer that the problem was lighting.
  • why are you sure that the cause of your problems is ignition? Did you consider that the engine has more components and is a complex thing?
    We quite often hear "carburetor is new, engine has just been remade", it can only be ignition. When we ask back it may well turn out that the carb is not new as such, but only newly bought in ebay. Often we see problems especially after engine repair (and after winter!)
  • how does the problem manifest?
    We see again and again that customers start by checking ignition parts (what we actually advice against) without giving the engine a real chance to start
  • how did you come to the conclusion that some part is faulty? 
    CDI sparks are not the most visible. They are not bright and bulky!
  • did the problem manifest directly after initial assembly or later on?
    very often work on the bike, change of parts, even unrelated to ignition triggers problems.
  • what modification / work had been done right before you noticed problems (if before that all had been OK)
  • have there been modifications on the standard engine?

Before you return us material, both you and us should try all means to solve the matter by communication. Even more so if there is the ocean between us.  In really only very rare cases is the material defective!
For this communication, please use our ticket system. This helps us and you to streamline our communication. Phoning us is surely possible, but for solving technical matters not the best solution. 
If at some point we think that sending us the material in is now the best solution, you simply add the ticket number and we know without much fuss what the history of the matter is.
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